Frequently Asked Questions

After I apply when can I expect to be contacted?

We only contact individuals who are shortlisted for an interview. Individuals selected for an interview will be contacted within 2-3 weeks of submitting their resumes.


What if my qualifications are from a different province or country?

Please contact Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training to obtain an Alberta Apprenticeship ID or to see if your current qualifications are recognised in Alberta. We are able to hire those whose qualifications are transferrable or who have obtained Alberta recognition.


What are the ratios between Journeymen/women and apprentices?  Am I going to be overlooked or thrown into the deep end?

No. Trotter & Morton takes employee education and training very seriously, and we are committed to providng a safe, efficient, and productive worksite where apprentices have the opportunity to learn from experienced Journeymen/woman. Our ratios are: 1:1.


Will Trotter & Morton help me pay for my Apprenticehip costs?

Through Merit, our benefit provider, Alberta-based apprentices may be eligible for the Merit Tuition Refund Project. This program assists appretnices with the costs of their apprenticeship tuition fees.


Are there opportunities for growth and advancement?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on working with all of our teams, both on site and in the office, to assist in personal and professional growth through career development, succession planning, and employee recognition. As you grow, we grow.


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